The Foundation for the Vortex 
that is the Garden of Eden
is Consciousness~*~
We have consciously activated and integrated a natural ecosystem of thrival*
We work with nature's perfection to allow the divine design to unfold in effortless abundance~;~
Eden is a place of freedom and abundance, where full spectrum thrival flows~*~
Eden is a place to visit for inspiration, healing, and conscious evolution.  A vortex for the activation
of that which serves each individual's soul calling.  A wake-up call from source∞•∞
It's all easy, enjoyable, and abundant, unless it is not.... If it is not, this is
simply because disconnection from this natural design IS* 
Consciously entering the Garden of Eden is an opportunity to witness
the REALity of such life, by beings in human form.
It is quite possible to eat like royalty each day without the use of money.
It is possible to have more than enough of everything, including money,
without working in the drudgery of the system.
It is possible to be healthy, immune to sickness and disease. 
This and much more is a part of daily life in the GOE~*~ 
The GOE has a football field-sized garden in which grows an abundance of foods year round.
Depending on the year and season, what is flourishing here will vary.
Yet you can count on finding the highest quality wildcrafted foods money can possibly buy.
In fact, it is VERY unlikely that you are buying food anywhere
close to the high quality that thrives here.
In the GOE, there is a happy healthy flock of chickens laying the biggest eggs we have ever seen.
Many of them are as big as duck eggs.
There is a fish pond stocked with fish for eating,
which is also part of an aquaponics system that feeds a plethora of high vibe plant life.
Note: Due to threats and dishonorable acts from the government this is not currently in operation. 
This is an awesome bonus to sustainable aspects being highlighted here.

There are bee hives, worm farms, and quail also in abundance. All part of the thriving ecosystem that is the GOE.
While the main house in the GOE is a fairly traditional build, the lifestyle lived within is highly conscious and sustainable. There are sustainable implementations to upgrade the living environment as well as to highlight
possibilities for the masses who live in traditionally functioning homes.

Earthen buildings are being built on the property and other alternative
sustainable structures are in existence or in the works as well.
There are workshops, retreats, and many other opportunities to get involved here,
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